Friday, July 8, 2011


Crisis =opportunity

In early April my principal sent me an email at 8.45 in the morning stating that we would have to have a meeting that afternoon regarding the situation of the office, and being the co-elective I thought this was in general. To clarify I sent an email asking whether it was about my situation in said office or the office's, to which he said, 'unfortunately, it's your situation we need to discuss'.

Now that is what I call insightful leadership. Seriously. How the hell was I supposed to be able to do _anything_ in the office from 8.46 to 15.30?

Of course I went on a spiraling trip; 'maybe I actually am not good enough to work here ... even here'. I hadn't felt my resources being put to good use there since I begun, and this was truly an inspiring way of continuing my day. So anyhow, self-pity, doubt, anger and annoyance aside, I asked the elective to take part of the meeting as he had gotten a copy of the email, not knowing whether I was to be fired or getting a reprimande. He was unwilling to partake, and I was seriously annoyed as he apparently knew what was going to happen - and none of them wanted to give me any form of clue. Finally he agreed, and quite soon it became clear that the office didn't have enough work for everyone, and that being the last one on board, I was also the first one to temporarily go on government support, or the dole. For 5 months. No shitty work, but still get a bit of pocket money. Terrible.

So for two weeks I kept up the good work, come the last Friday, pack up things, leave early with a spring in my step (I waited till I was around the corner to do my little victory dance) and take my boyfriend on a surprise celebration trip to Edinburgh. Lovely city and a sweet taste of spring. They have an actual freakin' VOLCANO downtown.

Since I've registered my own firm, started designing my own projects and gotten sponsors and full government support for one which we'll build in august and exhibit throughout the fall. Even the darkest night comes to an end at dawn, and it's looking like it'll be a nice new day.

And so chapter four of 'happy life' begins.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My favorite these days

This is just such a beautiful image from forgotten times, when friendship was simple.

Todays track: Tord Gustavsen Trio - Blessed feet

Friday, April 24, 2009

My physical, mental and actual age don't align

Today, chic from work texted me about a little getaway we and some more people from the office have got planned for next weekend, and she ended it with 'bye bye batman'. Funny things is the last couple of months I've had some pretty interesting superhero dreams, usually featuring me as batman or batman seen in third person perspective. There was also one about me fighting zombies with Will smith in a british double decker bus, ending with us being blown of the main harbour bridge, but that's not essential. The dreams have been quite dark, set in places like a casino fighting transexual villains that turned into light patterns when they were hit, bit like a justing timberlake video, to being in a middle age castle with bonfires and spanish inquisition like figures all around. Am I a supressed superhero? And how did she know?

Maybe I should have my head checked.

Other than that I've been looking at alternative career paths on the side to make a bit of extra money just for the hell of it. Was talking to my housemate the other day about escort services and he mentioned a ridiculous registration fee to be able to practice legally, so today I decided to check it out a bit. Guess what, it's pretty straight forward (well straight and straight. ;-). They make goddamn good money too, $200+ an hour and up.. Suddenly a bit more tempting, huh? :p Could be an interesting side business. Then again, maybe I should have my head checked.

Today's tracks:
'Thougher than the rest', Bruce Springsteen (Martin Vogel edit)
'Just a little bit' - Drake feat. Lykke Li

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bienvenu à Japon

Japan is a crazy place, don't think I can describe it more clearly any other way. Loving it, but should have had another lifetime to explore and maybe a day or two to prepare before departure.

Now in the common room of the guest house where the crew is talking about getting gastro in Vietnam in colourful terms like 'rocket' and 'orbit'.

Tomorrow I'm exploring beautiful Kyoto, then Hiroshima, Friday I'll be going into the mountains for a bit of Sento, the traditional japanese hot springs, before hitting Tokyo again and flying out on Saturday.

Can't wait for Norway, but don't want to leave either.

Friday, November 28, 2008

So, last night I had a talk to my two meter's about scandinavian architecture, middle eastern restaurants in east Brunswick and breaking up. It was all very civilized, no strong emotions or passions, interesting to see the similarities with the relationship..

Today I went swimming after work and then got complimented by a straight guy for my torso while having dinner. Very odd.

How awesome is this little dog:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


By the way, I'm doing movember, mustache growing month. Meaning me looking like Burt F'n Reynolds meets pedo bear meets Ned Flanders for the last three weeks all for the sake of mens prostates and free burgers at Grill'd. Apparently I am passionate about tackling men's health issues and being proactive in the fight against men's depression and prostate cancer. I'm doing it for the burgers.

Donate online using your credit card or PayPal account to help the cause.

Suggestions to mo-designs are welcome as the last couple of days people have been literally folding at the hip or sprawling on the floor in laughter when they see me. Or asking me to say something that Ned would say.. Okily dokily.